To have the best pleasure in your sexual relationship, it is very important that you choose right position for that. Also, a deeper penetration can always enhance the pleasure, and you can achieve that deeper penetration by placing a pillow under her back. However, most of the time a regular pillow can be uncomfortable for both of you and it might not give any better results as well. But if you will choose a wedge sex pillow, then you can get rid of these complications, and you can have great joy and fun as well with deeper penetration.

The best thing about this pad is that it is extremely comfortable for both the partner and it can ignite the spark again with deeper penetration and joyful experience. Needless to say, it can help you try many other adventurous and exciting positions as well that may not be possible in a general condition. Also, when you use it for deeper penetration than you won’t face any kind of strain as well on your back which is another added advantage that you get with wedge sex pillow. That makes it an excellent choice to have better pleasure in your intimate moments.
Sometimes people avoid using a sex toy and tool to enhance sex life because they worry more about hiding it. This problem will never haunt you with a good quality wedge sex pillow because it looks elegant and it can blend well with your existing pillows. You can easily wash its outer lining or cover after your intimate session is over, and you can even wash the inner waterproof pillow. It is made of high-density foam, so it does not matter what your weight is or how you use it, it will get back into its shape and you can use it again with ease.

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