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Romantic Purple Flip Ramp Sex Pillows Adult Pillows Sex Cube Wedge


If you don’t find better pleasure or ultimate bliss with your regular pillow or you want to have a more connected feeling, then you can buy particular sex pillow as well for pillow sex.

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Product Description

Are you bored of your monotonous sex life? Is your sex life more about pain and little about pleasure? Then you need to add a little jazz to your sex life with new sex pillows. Very often it has happened that trying out new positions needs you to be at certain angles and positions which are a little difficult even after the build up you try doing with you pillows under your back.

There are a number of ways that you can try to have sexual pleasure without a partner. Masturbation is one of the easiest and most popular methods to do that. Other than this some sex toys are also there for girls that you can use for erotic pleasure. But if you don’t want to try either of these options then pillow humping or pillow sex can be a great alternative for you. The best thing about pillow humping is that you can get the best pleasure by a tool, but you don’t have to worry about hiding it.

  • Material: Advanced short plush + high-elastic sponge
  • Size: 84 * 42 * 28CM
  • Color: Purple
  • Items Name: Sex Wedge / Adult Pillows / Sex Pillow / Sex Cube / Sex Bed
  • Function: Couples sex game furniture
  • Use: Variety of sex positions / Auxiliary sex orgasm
  • Type: Sex furniture
  • Package: Safe and Discreet package




  1. Girls lying on the 90-degree angle, the boys standing back-in.
  2. The hypotenuse, the big girl lying at right angles to the edge of this position, on the one hand the times and the boys can (G-SPORT), on the other hand, they can touch the hands bimodal or D point. Stimulus to deepen, and kissing neck to achieve such action, while the private parts pressed the point D, the promotion of girls pleasure.
  3. Whether male or female host PC, is easy to stimulate the G-spot. Very easy to use, comfortable. Many Hollywood stars are using it, I feel like Pirates of the Caribbean in the plundering of pleasure. Mighty men filling heroic.


Benefits and Features

  • Wedge and Ramp nest together to form an angled pedestal upon which to make extraordinary love
  • Sessions last longer than ever, leading to orgasms of incredible intensity!
  • More foreplay, hotter positions and unlimited creativity
  • Explore new angles on oral sex, doggie-style and an erotically elevated missionary position
  • This sexpillow cushions are available in 5 sensual colors: Black, Blue, Red, Tan and Leopard



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